How to Make a Heart-Shaped Gift Box — Six Easy Steps

Artistic skill is required while wrapping a present. However, you may accomplish it quickly and easily by purchasing prefabricated bags and boxes, which can be found in most stores. Instead of buying a premade box, why not spend a few minutes building your own?

Use scrap cardboard and decorative duct tape to fashion a giant heart shaped gift box.

Pick an Image to Print

Pick one kind of box you want to construct. You may get the pattern here and get a print out of it. Both the smaller (234″ x 314″ x 112″) and the miniature (212″ x 234″ x 1″) box patterns include both the bottom and the lid. To construct the vast box (314″ x 4″ x 112″), you will need two distinct patterns: one for the base and one for the lid. The Heart design can be used as a box liner, a box top, or a bottom.

Create a Box-Shaped Pattern by Cutting

To make a box, follow the lines as guides for cutting out the pattern components. If you can, try to be precise with your cuts. Considering that cuts are accurate to the pattern’s outlines, the box will be sturdy and easier to assemble.

Create a Score Line:

Use a ruler to create line along with a prominent tab line using glue. Marked in red, here is where you should make your cut for the reduced size box: sideway from the strip on side that is between the ninth and tenth notches.

Fold the Tabs

The heart-shaped cutout can be glued into place after the strip on the side has been bent to fit the shape. Fold in the middle and place it at the heart’s very tip. The length of the strip on the side can be adjusted by snipping off a portion at one end. Reduce the size of the strip on the side is too short.

Assemble it by Gluing it Together

Spread some white glue along the inner area of glue tabs. Begin by glueing a strip of adhesive around the outside of one of the shaped-hearts. The glue band should be as huge as the tabs’ depth. You’ll need to press the tabs of glue at the sides, top and center of the cutout as you wrap the strip on the side around the opening.

Craft the Top of the Box:

The top of the box requires a repeat of steps 1–5. Attach the second heart opening insets using adhesive if desired.

Before pasting the second heart cutout into place, you can embellish the top by covering the lateral edges with a decorative paper or even a ribbon. Use glue to adhere to the strip, ensuring the edges are even. If you fold over the tabs and glue them, you won’t need to cut any new ones on the opposite side.

Final Word:

Now that the box is almost done, you can complete fill this Valentine’s Day box with goodies and deliver it to your sweetheart on February 14th or gift it to your friends on their birthday.



Marjorie is a creative artist who loves to share her art blog with the world. She enjoys experimenting with different mediums and techniques, and loves to see how her work affects other people. Tama is always looking for new ways to express herself, and she hopes that her art will touch the hearts of many people.

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