Patching an Asphalt Parking Lot: Understanding the Repair Process

You want your parking lot to look great. It not only increases the curb appeal of your business, but it’s also important for your customers to remain safe when they stop by your shop or company. With asphalt, you can maintain an amazing look day after day. Unfortunately, like other materials, though, you may experience a few problems.

Potential Problem 1: Potholes are one problem that can come up with asphalt driveways and parking lots. Potholes are areas where pieces of the asphalt have completely broken away and disappeared, therefore there is an actual hole in the asphalt. They range in size from a few inches to more than a foot. Many potholes started out as just a crack in the driveway or parking lot. This problem is one that you most definitely need to have repaired.

Potential Problem 2: Alligator cracks are another potential problem with asphalt driveways and parking lots. Several cracks grouped together that resemble an alligator’s back are called alligator cracks, which are also referred to as gator cracks. If you have areas with alligator cracks, you want to be sure to repair them before they develop into potholes.
Potential Problem 3: Sinkholes are yet another potential problem that can occur in asphalt driveways and parking lots. Where you see chunks of asphalt that look as if they are sitting lower in the ground than the rest of the driveway or parking lot are sinkholes. They are caused by the ground settling after the driveway or parking lot was given a fresh surface of asphalt. They are not a huge issue, but they’re certainly something that needs to be addressed.

Handling The Problem

You could go about patching your asphalt parking lot on your own, but that involves cold patch asphalt repair aggregate (10 pounds will cover a 12 in. x 12 in. x 1 in. hole), a flame torch, pothole tamper, and vibrating plate compactor for potholes. For alligator crack repairs you will need alligator patch material, and squeegee or asphalt brush. The materials required are only half of the equation, though. An extensive knowledge and quite a bit of elbow grease and time are also required. Whether it’s asphalt sealing or crack repair, you have some serious time to put in ahead of you.

Most people don’t have the time to dedicate to these extensive repairs, but you DO want your driveway or parking lot to be in good, working order. So, your best bet is always going to be choosing the right professional to help. Bennett Paving is just the company to complete your repairs. They have all the materials and manpower to complete your repair needs to your satisfaction.

Past, Present, and Future of Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth

Today, most people must have their wisdom teeth extracted because their mouths do not allow enough space for the third set of molars to grow in comfortably. Historical findings have shown that man did not always have the same face shape he enjoys today. Long ago, millions of years ago, the jaw was much larger. The larger mouth may have been tied to the jaw taking on more responsibilities. Those who have traced evolution believe that man once used his arms for walking, rather than how they are utilized today. As a result, the mouth was used for defense, hunting, and much more. Some believe that the wisdom teeth of yesteryear were needed for easier chewing, others think that there development later in life suggests that they were meant to replace those that were lost or destroyed throughout the years prior.

Whatever their initial purpose may have been, today wisdom teeth serve little purpose and, in fact, are considered a major nuisance by most. The apprehension that people have felt when extraction was mentioned is much of the reason that sedation dentistry has grown in popularity so much. There are a couple of ways that wisdom teeth can be removed and a number of reasons why they should be.

For the fortunate minority, wisdom teeth grow in correctly, have enough room to fit comfortably and cause little issue. For these individuals, there is often the option to leave them alone and let them remain where are. However, that is rarely the case. For most, even if they do find their way to the surface, they cause the other teeth to crowd or they are painfully positioned in the back of the mouth. Others will never see their wisdom teeth because they grow at odd angles, making it impossible for them to make their way through the gum. When this occurs, the teeth are said to be impacted.

While teeth that reach the surface can often be pulled with little effort, those that are impacted require a special touch. A sedation dentist in Waco, TX will provide the patient an oral-, gas-, or IV medication to calm him and reduce anxiety related to the procedure being performed. The gum tissue must then be opened so the dentist can retrieve the ill-positioned teeth.

While it is undoubtedly an ordeal to have teeth removed, it is important. Impacted wisdom teeth can be painful as they push on and cause other teeth to shift. They can also lead to infection beneath the gum’s surface. Even those that have cut through the gum’s surface can cause the other teeth to crowd for lack of space and are often very difficult to keep clean due to their position in the mouth. Having wisdom teeth increases one’s risk of gum disease. In some studies, it was suggested that at least sixty percent of adults who keep their wisdom teeth will be diagnosed with the bacterial infection of the gums.

With sedation, wisdom teeth removal doesn’t have to be feared. The pain, discomfort, and anxiety related to the procedure can be kept at an absolute minimum and the patient will be better able to maintain a healthy mouth.

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Summer is On Its Way – What Are You Doing to Prepare?

laser studio

The summer sun will be shining before you know it. Are you ready for shorts, spaghetti straps, and sandals? If you’re like many people, there are probably a few issues you’d like to address before you head out in your best summer attire.

Weight Loss

Many want to lose weight before they don those skimpy summer outfits and swimwear, and with good reason. Most tend to gain weight during the cooler winter months and become far less active. Unfortunately, losing weight can be a bit tougher than you think. Searching for the right diet plan is a good idea, and as you do, you’re likely to come across quite a bit of HCG diet information. This revolutionary form of weight loss could have you shedding pounds every single day. While you do have to follow a fairly strict eating plan and create a solid exercise plan to meet your needs, this is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly before you put those summer clothes on.

Weight loss, though, can be more than good for your figure. It can also help with any skin issues you may have noticed over the last few months. From fluctuated hormones to actually having the skin stretched to find new places for fat to putting too much pressure on your veins and capillaries, added fat can create serious problems for your body, and dumping those pounds for good is a solid way to get better skin before you show it off to everyone this year.

Laser Hair Removal

Who wants to spend the summer shaving? It’s a safe bet that not very many people answer that question positively, and laser hair removal can be the way to go in that situation. It can mean you won’t have to deal with shaving or waxing throughout the season, and you certainly won’t have to drop added cash on razors or blades this year once your treatment is complete. The key here is to find a medical spa that you can trust. You want to choose a facility with a board certified physician on staff. You’ll also want to choose one with professional experience. This shouldn’t be just a way to get people through the door. Instead, laser treatments should be a big part of what they do every single day. You can’t find a good technician who doesn’t have much of a chance to practice her skills with a laser, so the stronger this side of the practice, the better your overall results are going to be.

Summer is just around the corner, and there are probably several little things you want to address before you start shopping for your summer attire. Find a laser spa that can help, then get started on making sure you feel great in whatever you choose to wear this summer. After all, summer only comes once a year. Shouldn’t you be excited about it?

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What New Moms Should Know About Thrush


For new moms, there are often a vast number of questions constantly spinning around in the brain. Among those many often unasked inquiries is too frequently an uncertainty regarding a white buildup in the mouth of the newborn baby.

Thrush is an oral infection common in newborns and infants. It is considered to be a form of yeast infection because it is caused by an abundance of fungi in the mouth. It is noted, most commonly, as a patchy white presence on the tongue, inner cheeks, or other soft tissue in the child’s mouth. It looks much like a milky residue, which often assumed to be the case due to the diet of breast milk or formula. However, in actuality, thrush is not easily wiped- or brushed away.

Mothers Are Often Responsible Unfortunately, the bad news for many moms is that the infection often comes from them. It is known that women are commonly troubled by vaginal yeast infections. The fungi can spread to the baby while he or she travels through the birth canal and will often present as oral thrush. This is even more commonly the case when the mother is diabetic.

Time to See the Dentist? There is no need to rush a newborn to a dentist in Bastrop, Texas, just because of the presence of thrush. Generally, a pediatrician will recommend an over-the-counter or prescription treatment that is used to coat the mouth and kill the fungi. Rarely is thrush a major health concern for a child. Nevertheless, doctors should be aggressive in treating yeast infections in pregnant women in the last trimester to help prevent the spread of the fungal infection to the child.

When to Talk to the Doctor You should contact the child’s pediatrician or a dentist when you see signs of thrush. It is best to treat the problem quickly to avoid any discomfort. If the initial treatment fails, it might also be necessary for the doctor to prescribe an oral antifungal for the baby.

If your child has signs or symptoms of thrush after his or her first birthday, be sure to contact the doctor right away. Though thrush is very common in newborns, most children will develop immunity to it very early in their life. It is not typical for it to present after the age of one year and could point to a more serious underlying condition.

Take Preventative Measures To avoid thrush and other forms of infection in newborns, ensure that any friends and family members who handle the baby avoid putting a finger in- or near the child’s mouth. Also, bottles and nipples should be properly sterilized before each use and you should wash your hands each and every time you feed the baby. Failing to do these things can mean passing fungus and bacteria to your child, increasing the likelihood of thrush or illness.

Time to See Chad Byler, DDS, PA? While you may not want to bring your child along while receiving fillings or being fit for dentures, most Bastrop, Texas dentists suggest that toddlers be brought at an early age. In many cases, dental professionals will recommend a first, quick visit around the time of the child’s first birthday. These visits and proper oral care at home can help avoid further infections as the child grows

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Five Great Tips For Preventing Mold in Your Home

If you are finding that there is mold in, on, or around your windows, then it might be time to consider new window installation. Old windows can leak moisture and will do little to prevent the heat transfer, which can lead to increased condensation. Replacing those existing windows with double paned, coated replacements can significantly improve energy efficiency in the home, while also reducing the moisture build up. However, in the meantime, there are a few things that you can do to get rid of the existing mold in your Sugar Land home.

Get Dry and Stay Dry – The most important thing to understand is that mold thrives in damp environments. Therefore, if the moisture is taken away, the mold can no longer support itself; it can’t spread. Find areas of the home that are damp and take measures to keep them dry. Mop up sitting water; wipe away condensation around windows and doors every morning, if that’s what it takes, initially.

Disinfect to Kill Mold Spores – Where mold is already present, it will be necessary to clean it. Even dead mold spores can be harmful to a person’s respiratory system. One of the best defenses against mold is bleach. It will kill the spores, so you can more carefully clean them away. Fill a spray bottle with water and bleach in a ratio of one cup to one teaspoon or buy a pre-mixed all-purpose cleaner with bleach.

Install Exhaust Fans – If you are taking showers and not turning on an exhaust fan, then you are doing very little to help your mold problem. The hot water typically used in the shower can quickly evaporate into the air. That moisture can then be carried throughout the house until it comes in contact with cooler are or surfaces. It will then condense and form the damp environment that molds love. If you have exhaust fans, then switch them on each time you shower. This will help remove the moisture from the bathroom before it has a chance to move elsewhere. If you don’t have them, now is the best time to have them installed.

Inspect Plumbing – If there are any areas of plumbing that have noticeable leaks, they must be fixed. Leaking faucets, poor drains, or damaged pipes can release a great deal of moisture over time. All plumbing should be inspected if a mold problem is noted. Mold is likely to grow near the leak and the sitting water can also add moisture to the air, which increases the likelihood of condensation forming around windows and doors.

Improve Air Flow – Sometimes windows are so tight that they provide too little air flow. While newer windows are designed to prevent condensation, if the house is too humid, then it can happen anyway. If your windows are new, but you are still experiencing some condensation, then you might consider overhead fans and dehumidifiers to dry the air. While whole-house dehumidifiers are nice, they are not always necessary. If you are noting condensation in a particular room, then a small single-room system might be just enough to cut the problem. It might also be helpful to keep the room a little warmer or to crack a window during the day to allow moisture to escape.

New Construction: Metal Versus Shingles

Is it time to call in the roofing contractorsto redo the roof on your home? The decision to invest in a new roof can be overwhelming, but it is also very smart. After all, a new roof can substantially increase the value of your home. Furthermore, this is the part of the house that receives the most abuse on a daily abuse, absorbing the sun’s harmful rays, withstanding powerful windstorms, and being subjected to the hammering of hard-falling rain drops. So, while the decision to make the investment might have been an easy one, you are not faced with an even bigger question, ‘what material will you use to defend your home against the elements?’

Two of the most popular forms of roofing today are metal and asphalt shingles. Each roofing type has a list of advantages another of potential downfalls, so being fully educated one each, before making the ultimate verdict, is highly suggested.

Asphalt or Composition Shingles In recent decades, this has been embraced as the favorite roofing material throughout the country. Roofing companies are highly familiar with the product and its installation because consumers like the fact that the shingles are so economical. However, it is important to understand that there are a wide variety of asphalt shingles, which range in color, pattern, durability, and resilience. The warranties provided on this roofing material will generally range from fifteen to thirty years depending on the variety selected. Homeowners, though, generally appreciate the wide range of natural hues that can be achieved with this material, making it possible for them to create a unified look for their home, or even to create a pattern with multiple colors on a single roofing surface. There is some maintenance that must be performed to stave off unnecessary wear and tear, which includes occasional washing to remove algae growth. More expensive shingles will often feature an anti-algae coating, which eliminates the need for such care. However, it is still important to carefully monitor the condition of shingles. Those blown free or damaged in the storm can leave the roof susceptible to water damage.

Metal Roofing If you really want to eliminate the need for roof repair in Houston, TX,, then you will want to consider metal roofing. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and can even be crafted with several different types of metal. Unfortunately, homeowners can expect to pay slightly more for this investment, but they will appreciate the wide range of colors and motifs that can be achieved with metal. Today, the metal is molded to recreate the look of Spanish tiles, asphalt shingles, or just about any other roofing material. Why recreate the look rather than just going for the original? Metal roofing has a very impressive life span and requires very little care. These roofs can last as many as fifty years or more.

While both roofing materials can be very attractive and can enhance the value of the home, there are differences to be considered. What is your budget? How long will you live in this home? How much energy are you willing to put toward the maintenance of the roof? What look do you prefer? Answering these questions can help you make the difficult decision between two very popular materials for a look you’ll love for years to come.

Roof Vents: The Many Types

Basic Vents Meant to increase airflow from the inside out, basic roof vents are typically affixed in close proximity to the ridge line. There is no rule that says how many of these vents should be used, but Fort Worth roofing companies will generally recommend that they be spaced approximately two feet apart. The vent design is very simple and is essentially immune to glitches. Because of their simplicity, one might believe that they are put to use, correctly, on every roof, but the truth is that many roof installers – whether novice or poorly trained – fail to use the vents effectively, thereby reducing the efficiency of the home. The air circulation provided by proper venting is very important as it will prevent ice build up at the eaves (though not as much of a concern in the warm climates of Texas) and will keep the roof cooler, thereby extending the lifespan of the roof. Furthermore, allowing heat to escape means lower air condition expenses and less moisture build up in the attic.

Continuous Ridge Vents In new construction, most quality roofing companies will suggest the use of these longer vents, which are meant to span the entire length of the roof’s ridge. Unlike basic vents, there is no need for spacing of the vents. This means shorter installation times and fewer seams. The more seams a roof has, the more opportunity there is for leaks. Plus, the continuous vents come in a variety of colors to match the many varieties of roofing, so they blend in and are unnoticeable from the ground.

Soffit Vents Air flow is only really achieved when air is allowed to move in and out of the space. While basic vents provide air an escape to the outdoors, soffit vents are necessary to let air in. The soffit, which is the underside of the roof’s edge, is the natural place for intake vents. As with ridge vents, there is the option to utilize a continuous vent as well, which have the same advantages as the continuous ridge vents.

Gable Vents These classic round vents are frequently seen on older homes. Though they blend in much better today, due to the wide variety of them available, gable vents serve just as important a function in modern homes, particularly in areas with high humidity levels. They can be manually opened or closed, depending on need. Dormer Vents Similar to gable vents, dormer vents are visible and used to draw air out of the decorative rooftop dormers on some homes.

Wind Turbine Vents Finally, there are some vents that are much more sophisticated than the basic varieties. Wind turbine vents have functional components that allow them to spin in the breeze, thereby drawing heat and moisture out near the peak (the warmest part of the attic). Obviously, as with anything, the multiple components leave this type of vent more susceptible to malfunctions. Nevertheless, these can be very effective and are often well worth the installment when roofing Dallas, Texas,contractors will be able to tell you more about the pros and cons of their use and whether or not one would be advisable for your home.

How to Seal Coat a Driveway

Why must I seal my driveway? Though it may not actually required by anyone, it is highly recommended that you seal your driveway for a number of important reasons. First of all, the sealant that is used protects the surface from the natural elements, including rain, snow, ice, wind, and sunshine. Where ever your property may be located, whether in the sunny neighborhoods or the freezing cold of Alaska winters, the driveway will experience wear and tear as a result of the weather. Sealant defends against the damage that those elements could cause, which is why you should seriously consider sealing every two years or so.

Prepare the Surface To prepare the surface for sealing, clean the driveway with a push broom to remove large debris and then spray it with water to remove the dust. The cleaner the surface is before sealing, the better is will adhere to the surface and that means increased strength. Clean oil spots with a commercial detergent now, before you begin sealing. If they are sealed, it will not be possible to remove the stain later. Scrubbing with a brush and the detergent should wash the mark away. After cleaning the asphalt paving, allow it to dry for about an hour before sealing.

Repairing Cracks If your driveway has suffered small areas of damage already, then there will be another step to the preparation process. Small cracks will expand over time because they allow water in, which expands and contracts, further damaging the pavement. If this is left for too long, it could cause the need for Temple, Texas, asphalt repair. It is essential to patch these first, while wearing old clothes. The sealant can ruin fabrics that it comes in contact with, as it will not come out in the laundry. You will also have to be aware of the expected weather forecast. The goal should be to find a period of four days that are expected to be warm and dry before sealing, the first of which will be used for patching. All cracks larger than ¼” in width should be individually patched. Those narrower than ¼” will be filled by the sealant anyway and don’t require the special attention. This work should be left to dry for at least 1 ½ days.

Pour and seal Finally, it is time to seal. Ideally, the weather should be warmer than 50 degrees Fahrenheit while sealing. If it is any colder the mixture may not dry and adhere correctly. Before opening, flip the bucket and allow it to settle for a while. This allows the heavier sediments of the mixture to come to the surface and it will make stirring easier. Regularly stir as you are applying it to ensure that the mixture is consistent throughout the project. Start in one corner of the surface, pouring enough to cover about twenty square feet at a time and roll it on with overlap strokes.

Allow to Dry It is important to let the sealant affix itself before driving on it. If you didn’t hire a paving contractor, then you must check the product directions for timelines. Most will recommend that you stay off of the driveway for 24-48 hours. You can use the empty buckets as warning cones to keep others off of the surface.

Looking for a Good Dentist?

Looking for a Good Dentist?

When on the search for a good dentist, there are a lot of things that can weigh on your mind. Where do you go? Who do you trust? Plenty of factors can go into choosing a dentist. You want to know that the dentist you visit is ready to take care of all your needs, from a simple cleaning to more serious dental work. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why making the right choice is essential.

A good Austin dentist doesn’t have to have a fancy office in the big city. That is especially true if you don’t live within a good distance of the city limits. Sometimes a dentist situated outside the main city can be ideal because the office is easier to get to (less traffic), and it has a more hometown feel. A smaller customer base allows the dentist or dentists working there to really get to know their patients and give them a more customized experience rather than a quick appointment that soon sees you being ushered out of the room for the next patient. And when the dentist office is nearby, it also allows you to take less time off work or leave the kids in school a little bit longer.

Oftentimes you can find the right dentist just by asking friends or family members. People who are already very happy with their dentist will be more than willing to recommend you to him or her. You may schedule an appointment and decide then if you like the person treating you. Remember, your a schedule is not a life commitment either. If you find you don’t mesh well with the new dentist, it is perfectly acceptable to try someone else. The right Austin family dentist is out there – you just have to be patient and be willing to look.

If you are too far from friends or family to use any of their dentist recommendations, you can always ask your co-workers. If you are new to an area, ask people in other places you may have joined, such as in a gym, at your church, or other parents at PTA meetings. Don’t be shy or feel awkward about asking for a dentist. It is just like searching for a good physician, and you should have one who is well-respected and fits well into your life.

Consider areas of your life as well when choosing a dentist for everything from gum surgery to ceramic veneers. If you have children, then look around for any dentists that have great records with kids. Or does your household consist of only you? Do you have serious dental needs such as requiring an invisalign Austin appointment or dental bonding? Or do you just want a repair for a chipped tooth or teeth whitening Austin appointment? Most dentists handle a wide variety of dental issues, but you should always check to see what services they can provide before making them your primary dentist.

Once you start your search, you may be surprised to find how quickly it ends, and how pleased you are with the Austin dentist that you have found!

About the Author: Bobby Milton has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and writes and lectures on many different dental topics

Pregnancy and Dental Cleanings

When you get pregnant, suddenly you are aware of things that you were never aware of before. You may suddenly be aware of the fact that you can’t eat certain foods, for instance, and how important seatbelts are. Suddenly routine things that you would not have thought twice about doing you may begin to question. That is likely why many pregnant women question whether or not they are going to be safe getting their routine dental work done. They ask their obstetrician if it is safe for them to have dental work done and, many times, are surprised by the answer. Be sure and ask your Austin dentists about pregnancy and dental work too.

Pregnancy and Dental Work
Pregnant women do have many more things to worry and think about than women who are not pregnant do, and it is a good idea to question anything that you’re unsure of. In the case of dental cleanings, however, the American Dental Association has said that it is perfectly safe, and very advised, for women who are pregnant to brush their teeth thoroughly with toothpaste that has been accepted by the ADA, at least twice a day and three times, if possible, and that they floss at least once a day as well. And they recommend that women who are pregnant visit their dentist for regularly scheduled cleanings and Austin Texas tooth veneers as well.

The ADA does recommend that pregnant women avoid elective dental treatment as well as x-rays, teeth whitening, and bonding, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. A pregnant woman who is dealing with severe dental pain and who needs treatment and x-rays, should be treated as soon as possible by a qualified dentist who is in consult with your obstetrician. This way your obstetrician can make sure that you and your baby are not harmed during any treatment process that needs to take place.

If you are currently pregnant, it is recommended that you keep your regularly scheduled cleaning appointment, and it is also a good idea to make an appointment to visit the dentist to get a checkup during your pregnancy if you have not had a checkup in awhile. A pregnant woman’s gums can bleed more easily during pregnancy, which is why some women actually get their teeth cleaned more frequently when they are pregnant. If you have braces at the time of your pregnancy you will need to see your Austin orthodontist.

Preterm Birth

Research has been conducted and it has been determined that periodontal disease can actually bring on preterm labor. The studies have shown that pregnant women who suffer from severe or even moderate periodontal disease are seven times more likely to deliver a child prematurely. No one knows quite why periodontal disease makes women more likely to have a preterm delivery, but the facts are very clear. And the study even showed that women who are diabetic have an even greater risk of having severe periodontal disease than women who are not diabetic during their pregnancy. A dentist may require that you get a dental composite completed at a Austin dental lab.

If you are pregnant, it is vital that you continue to have your teeth checked regularly at your Austin dentist office, so that you and your baby can both remain as healthy as possible during, and after, the pregnancy. Check with them about having any kind of
Austin tooth veneers procedures done at this time.

When you have had your child safe and sound you may want to see about having a free teeth whitening Austin TX and Austin cosmetic sculpting.

About the Author: Bobby Milton has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and writes and lectures on many different dental topics

Professional Help is Ideal to Get Perfect Bridal Makeup

Your Wedding day is perhaps the most awaited day in any woman’s life. They dream about that day since childhood and want to look like a queen on that very special day of their life. Bridal makeup is not the only makeup for that day; it involves a pre-bridal facial and skin care treatments at a beauty salon and facial spa Austin, TX. Be sure and ask them about tanning salons near you.

As you need to be photogenic on that occasion, the professional help of a hairstylist is needed in order to get the desired look. Perfect use of colors and shading and highlighting your facial contour is necessary to achieve that stunningly gorgeous look. you may want to ask about a chemical peel.

Choose high quality cosmetics for long lasting effects. Moreover, shimmer and shine is for the bride, so use it freely. Make sure your makeup should go well with your wedding attire. Over the past ten years, the importance of hiring a makeup artist has gained in popularity. Prior to that, celebrities usually had personal makeup artists for their weddings. However, an increasing number of beauty consultants has made it essential for a wedding day these days. The benefits of hiring a beauty artist are obvious, as you do not need to rush from one place to another for makeup or hairstyles. You will certainly avoid having those last minute panic attacks! Be sure to have all of your bridal contracts ironed out several months before the big day.

These experts usually come to the wedding venue to help the bride get ready for her big day. You can enjoy the luxury of being pampered and take your own time to get ready. It is necessary that you arrange a professional makeup artist well in advance, as then you will be tension free and concentrate on other wedding activities.

A few tips to achieve the stunning look on that special day.

Referrals are very important to get to know about a professional makeup artist on whom you can rely. Book them at least a couple of months prior to your wedding day and make sure they offer a trial with full makeup.

You can check out if someone else is also willing to opt for professional help, as this can be more economical than arranging each one differently.

Take good care of your skin before the wedding; drink plenty of water to get the toxins out of your body, work out and enjoy the fresh air. It will help you to get glowing skin and you will certainly get appreciation. Also inquire more about dermalogica products Austin. Consider makeup lessons before your big day as well.

On the wedding day, make sure you can get proper time to get ready. For best results, you need to give time to your makeup artist to work on your bridal makeup. Get a tried and tested hairdo. A change in plan can mess up the whole look. A makeover is great idea if tested earlier. As you can see, bridal makeup has become a necessity these days. It is your day and your choice, and you should go with whatever you feel comfortable in. Jose Luis Salon will the perfect option for you in the market to fulfill your demands on that very special ocassion. They can also help you with your questions about wax salons austin TX.

For Pet Lovers – Austin Pet Events

Owning a pet is like no other experience in the world. A cat or dog can add just the right amount of love to your life and the bonds you form will last forever. Austin has its share of dog parks, animal adoption events and other pet themed events throughout the year. Here are just a few items you may want to keep an eye on.

Next door to Austin in the town of Dripping Springs, the Tractor Supply Store hosts a twice-weekly animal adoption day. The animal caregivers at Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary work with the folks at the Tractor Store to have this event so that more and more animals end up in good homes. Check in with the Tractor Store during the second and forth Saturdays of the month to see what animals are available.

Austin has a dozen dog parks that allow you to have your dog off of a leash. If you are not in one of these areas, you need to have your dog on a leash no longer than six feet otherwise you may be subject to a $500 fine.

The twelve dog parks in the city are located at:

Auditorium Shores
Bull Creek District Park
Emma Long Metropolitan Park
Far West Boulevard right of way between Great Northern Boulevard and Shoal Creek Boulevard
Northeast District Park
Norwood Estate
Red Bud Isle
Onion Creek District Park
Shoal Creek Greenbelt
Walnut Creek District Park
West Austin Park
Zilker Park

Please note that within the areas listed above there are leash areas and free roaming areas. There are signs posted in every park that show where a leash is required and where one isn’t. Always follow posted signs.

There is also a city bylaw in place that requires owners to clean up after their dogs so that messes are not left.

The Mighty Texas Dog Walk is one of the most popular animal events in Austin every year. It is held in mid-April and is one of the largest mass dog walking events in the world. In fact, walkers routinely try to break the all time world record for largest dog walk ever.

University Life – Always unique in Austin

One of the great things about living in Austin is access to events going on at the university. From once in a lifetime guest speakers to concerts to lectures, the university really brings a lot of amazing events to the greater Austin area. Here are just a few upcoming events you may want to consider attending.

Hot Art Hip Kids – On January 2, come see this amazing art show featuring some of the best known sculptors in the area. This event takes place at the Blanton Museum of Art and admission is free once you pay the regular museum admission. Kids under 12 are free, so don’t be shy, bring out the kids.

If art is your thing, check out this chance to speak with the curator of the Blanton Museum about Paolo Veronese: The Petrobelli Altarpiece. Fans of art know this piece well and Jon Bober is one of the world’s foremost experts on it. Learn about art and this wonderful museum at the same time. This talk is being held on January 14 at the BMA. Come one, come all!

If religion is your thing, come check out a talk given by Dr. Brent Sirota on Anglican Humanitarianism. The talk will be given on January 25 from Noon to 1:30 Garrison Hall. Listen to this expert share his knowledge on this fascinating topic.

Along with academic talks and incredible art, you can also enjoy Texas Longhorn sports on campus, as well. While the football team is done playing at home for the year, there is men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and so much more. Catch the basketball teams on campus at the Frank Erwin Center and tickets are often very affordable. What makes attending these games so much fun is that the teams are usually amongst the best in the nation. For instance, the women’s volleyball team is ranked in the top five at the time of this writing. The men’s and women’s basketball team plays home games through the beginning of March, so if you are looking for something to do, check out Longhorn athletics for a night you won’t soon forget.